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Boosting Canadian Innovation and Prosperity

Propelling growth for Canadian innovators by driving awareness, influence and market access


CanadaBoosts is on a mission to fortify the fabric of Canada's entrepreneurial landscape. We empower and elevate Canadian innovators, producers, influencers, and retailers by establishing a vibrant community that fosters connection, collaboration, and commerce. Through our platform, we provide the support and visibility necessary for local businesses to thrive, driving economic growth, job creation, and innovation across the nation.


At CanadaBoosts, we envision a future where Canadian businesses flourish on national and global stages. Our vision is to be the nucleus of a dynamic network, uniting passionate innovators and influencers with supportive consumers and retailers. CanadaBoosts is dedicated to building a resilient and sustaining Canadian economy fueled by the success of our diverse and innovative people.


CanadaBoosts is a dedicated platform that brings together Canadian producers, innovators, influencers, and retailers. It caters to a diverse community of individuals and businesses passionate about fostering the growth and success of homegrown enterprises.


Our platform serves as a central hub for Canadian-made consumer products, with a focus on driving awareness, creating connections, and facilitating collaboration. CanadaBoosts is committed to supporting local businesses, from innovators seeking mass distribution to retailers aiming to enhance their reputation by championing Canadian innovation.


Operating across Canada and reaching out to the world, CanadaBoosts spans geographical boundaries. It connects businesses and individuals from various regions, creating a network that transcends national borders.

Support the Mission

CanadaBoosts seeks to address the challenges faced by businesses, retailers, and consumers, fostering strength in community in the Canadian marketplace.

By supporting local producers and innovators, we create jobs, foster innovation, boost the economy, promote resilience, and enhance the competitiveness of Canadian businesses on a global scale.


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