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Gain access to Canadian innovation, connect with Canadian supporters, and earn points with every purchase!

Your Story Is Our Story

Be a part of something big! Your reviews, shares and purchases help to bring prosperity back to Canada!

Help shine a light on Canadian-made products and companies, and most importantly on Canadian people.

Canada is a culture of caring, diversity and opportunity for all. Let's boost Canada together!

Booster Benefits

Support with Purpose

Build a brighter future for yourself and generations to come.

First Access to Fresh Innovations

Be among the first to discover and share the latest innovative Canadian products.

Earn While You Boost

Gain points with every purchase to get special discounts.

Get Rewarded

Earn badges when you complete tasks such as review, share, and purchase Canadian products.

Connect with a Vibrant Community

Join fellow Boosters who share your zest for local Canadian products.

Boost Canada

With strength in numbers, together we'll promote Canadian innovation.

The Heart of a Booster

At the core, being a Booster is about genuine care for Canada, for innovation, and for the hardworking entrepreneurs behind every product. You create real impact, offer feedback, build trust, and establish genuine connections.

Fists in Solidarity

Canadian Booster Community

Earn PointsWhen YouRefer a Friend

  • How do I earn as a Booster?
    Earn points when you purchase and review a product.
  • How do I use my points?
    Use your points to purchase coupons for discounts on purchases.
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