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Xtreme Eco
Makers of the Multi Eco Sprayer

Bill Waters – Okotoks, Alberta

Bill has created and developed numerous products for the consumer market over the years. Many of the products have been cleaning solutions, and most of those ended up with international distribution through the largest retailers in the world. Canadian jobs, suppliers and charities benefited from the success of these products.

In the past, and In every case, the biggest challenges were the same. Most of the costs were tied up in waste. Trigger sprayers, plastic bottles, water, cardboard, labels and tons of weight, just to deliver 2 oz of active ingredients. This led to the development of the Multi Eco Sprayer.

The Multi Eco Sprayer is a sprayer that lets you change out different cleaning concentrates on the go. Just fill with water and insert the concentrate. Less clutter, easy to use and very powerful.

Since the pandemic, the world of retail has changed. And with 350 million products on Amazon and the largest companies absorbing the SEO market, getting this revolutionary product to market has been impossible.

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Revolutionary multi-sprayer home cleaner for ease, power, and space.

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