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Boosting Canadian Innovation and Prosperity

Propelling growth for Canadian innovators by driving awareness, influence and market access

Xtreme Eco Multi Sprayer cleaning system, with hand-help sprayer and cleaning solutions that easily click into place. Product was made in Okotoks, Alberta.

xtreme eco multi sprayer

Revolutionary multi-sprayer home cleaner for ease, power, and space.

Okotoks, Alberta

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You're the heart of Canadian innovation, manufacturing, and job creation!

Canadian manufacturers need support to be seen in our global economy.

Our mission is to propel Canadian prosperity by increasing awareness and exposure to our local and international markets.

Get noticed, get a boost, and let us be a part of your Canadian business growth!

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Welcome to team Canada!

As a Booster, your impact makes a difference. Together, with a mindful approach to purchasing goods, we will promote Canadian innovation, generate jobs, and increase prosperity for Canada.

What’s in it for You?

  • Build a sustainable future in Canada

  • Gain Booster points that you can redeem for special offers and savings

  • Share your Booster status with friends and family

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You are our neighbours, our employers and our champions of Canadian innovators.

We understand the risk of carrying products that don’t get visibility. We dramatically reduce your risk and make it easier for you to sell Canadian innovations.

Show Canadians you care about Canadian Innovation and manufacturing.

Carry our Innovator’s products and we will promote your efforts.

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